My Experience With Sensual Qigong

“We’re going to dance now,” Joyce said.

Dance? Dancing was not something I was comfortable doing, especially in a room full of strangers. I looked around apprehensively at the unfamiliar faces surrounding me, wondering if they would judge me for how I moved. Before I could let my thoughts get the best of me, the music began playing. So I turned around, faced the wall, and danced. And it was uncomfortable. And it was just as weird as I imagined it would be. But yet I felt a sense of liberation.


Last May was the first time I tried Sensual Qigong. As I browsed the Yoga schedule, the name of this class peaked my interest and I decided to try it out at least once. I was 15 at the time and the youngest in the circle of women whom I practice with.

As I entered the studio, I sat down in the circle and greeted the new faces around me. My instructor, Joyce Virani, began by dropping a blend of delicious essential oils into our hands which we massaged onto our bodies. We then began with tapping. We tapped the crowns of our heads, our faces, chests, arms, legs, feet, back, etc.. The purpose of tapping is to awaken and move the energy around in your body– what Qigong is all about. Then came the dancing.

It took multiple classes for me to get comfortable with dancing. Every time a new member joins the class, I see a small look of panic gloss over their face when Joyce announces that it is time to dance. Although I used to be that person, Joyce has helped me overcome my fear of moving freely and recklessly with abandon. I now dance, shake, and jump wildly around the room, paying no mind to what others may think.

The dancing is followed by several body movements. We shake away anxiety and grief and invite in our wishes and desired feelings. We manifest our dreams and set intentions. There is even a portion of the class where we yell– as loud as we want– and push away what we do not need. With the love and support from each other, we also welcome in what we DO need, whatever it may be.

So why the oils, tapping, dancing, shaking, yelling?

It is a sensual practice. This means that when we practice we engage all of our senses. Engaging my senses helps me listen to my body and tune into what I need. Joyce and her practice of Sensual Qigong has helped me live my life more freely, clearly, and of course sensually. After going to Qigong for over 6 months now, it is a practice I would recommend to those willing to step outside their comfort zone. Please share your experience with Qigong if you ever try it~



Me and my Sensual Qigong teacher Joyce.

The circle which we practice around.

One of the cards I picked from the Oracle deck we draw from every class.

28 thoughts on “My Experience With Sensual Qigong

  1. I love you u r so amazing katie

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  2. Hi Katie,
    I so enjoyed reading this beautiful writing. You put a smile to my face. So blessed I practice with you. 🙏🏻🦋🦉🌟💫

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    1. I absolutely love practicing with you Noemi! Thank you🧡


  3. My sweet younger twin,
    Dancing with you, practicing with you, listening to you, learning from you … all privileges for which I am grateful. You inspire us all. Keep using your voice on this blog. It is powerful and unique. Trust it and your instincts and nothing can stop you. Xoxox

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    1. Gina!! Thank you so much❤️ You inspired me to continue with Qigong despite my initial apprehension and I am forever grateful for you!


      1. Know that you are one of the reasons I continue as well 🙂

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  4. I love you; this is so inspirational wow <33

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    1. Aw thank you Dani love you💗💗


  5. My dear beautiful Katie Kate. What a beautiful talented writer you are. The way you describe your experience in my class brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart smile at the same time. To see you bloom right in front of our eyes, open up and share so generously of your loving joyful energy inspires us all. I am so proud of you for stepping into your journey to learn, moving through fear of the unknown. I remember you dancing with your face towards the wall in the beginning. But to see you dance now…freely with your heart open, with all your senses engaged, tuned into your energy, connected to your inner power and softness, listening to your own voice is breathtaking to watch. You are a bright light beautiful Katie. Thank you so much for sharing. Please continue to write. You move us all. Love, Joyce

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Joyce. I look forward to seeing you this weekend💛


  6. Katie, you are a delightful and amazing young woman! I appreciate what you have written about your experience in Joyce’s sensual qigong class. Know you were not alone in your fear of dancing with abandon in a room of strangers. You are the courageous one for saying it out loud! I love sharing this energy moving practice with you and the rest of the ‘gang’.

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    1. Thank you so much Susan! I appreciate that and love practicing with you as well❤️


  7. I didn’t know such a thing existed! I must get out more!

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  8. Great post 👍 beautiful pictures ☺️

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  9. I never knew this was a thing, but I must quietly admit that I’ve been practicing something similar myself. Letting loose definitely helps.

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  10. I have done the tapping before, and something called a TRE – Tension or Trauma Release Exercise. Very relaxing experiences. Whenever I’ve built up way too much stress and tension, the TRE works wonders. But it requires a lot of rest afterwards – it’s almost like a sort of detox. I would recommend it – Joyce might know if it, although it takes a special type of training to lead it. You should look into it!

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    1. Wow I have never heard of that before… Thank you for sharing!!🙏🏼


  11. This sounds like fun.i would love to try this.never heard of it tho thanks for sharing.may the force be with you then😅(starwars)

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  12. Truly inspirational I’m excited but also nevous to start my first day as a sensi master at the yoga arts studio of Ying Ming 😜

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  13. Katie-girl, when I saw you the other day, you didn’t say a word about starting a blog! This is so amazing. I’m so proud of you for following something you love and sharing it with others. And a loooooong time ago, I did yoga but never reached your level of skill and knowledge. I think back to a time when you were unsure of what things you cared about and I see how far you’ve come. Best of luck with your blog and your yogic journey!

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