The Meaning of Santosa

During one of my practices, my yoga instructor introduced me to the concept of “Santosa”.

Santosa is a combination word in Sanskrit, derived from Sam, meaning “completely” and Tosha, meaning “contentment”.

Since then, Santosa has become a mindset, not only in my yoga practice, but in life. I believe the lesson of Santosa is very valuable– it is crucial to find complete satisfaction in all aspects of life. I think that once you find this inner peace, there is no longer good or bad, easy or hard, but simply reality.

In yoga for example, we all have poses that are not always pleasant to hold. For some that pose is Pidgeon, for some it’s Lizard, but for me it’s Chair pose. I often dislike Chair pose not because it hurts (yoga should never hurt), but because it elicits a response in my body where I immediately want to straighten my legs and stand up. It is in this pose where I must channel Santosa and find tranquility. Doing so no longer makes Chair pose a dreadful pose, it makes Chair pose just Chair pose.

Engaging Santosa is still a work in progress for me. However, if you are able to master applying this concept to life, I think you will feel much more fulfilled. Please share your thoughts below~



Usually a difficult pose for me to find Santosa in.

4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Santosa

  1. Dear Katie,
    I have enjoyed reading every word of your blog and am inspired by your strength and determination to find your own path. I love how you have chosen, because it is a choice, to channel liberation in your own life and thank you sharing the meaning of Santosha as something we should all contemplate in ours.
    Sarah Loftus

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