My Aerial Yoga Practice

I’ve started Aerial Yoga rather recently, in early September. The thought of hanging and swinging from a hammock inspired excitement in me, rather than fear. I remember eagerly walking into my first Aerial Yoga class, although not knowing what to expect. Would I find it easy? Would it be anything like my traditional yoga classes?

I quickly discovered that the answer to the aforementioned questions would be no, a strong no.

To a bit of my surprise, I found Aerial Yoga to be quite challenging. When I do regular yoga, I am accustomed to comfortably being able to do every pose, sometimes even trying harder variations. On the other hand with Aerial, some poses were and still are difficult for me to master. I find myself wanting to come out of inversions sooner than others and not moving as fluidly as the rest of the class.

However, I have managed to cope with this. Aerial has become something that I like to turn into my own practice. By this I mean that I will sometimes deviate from the actual instruction of the class. For example, while others are inverting, I will practice my handstands with the hammock, or while others are working on splits I will practice Pigeon pose. By doing so, I have found Aerial to become much more enjoyable. As with other yoga classes, I focus on doing poses which feel good for my body, without paying attention to what the rest of the class may be more capable of doing.

I believe that with any practice, truly making it your own will help you feel better, mentally and physically. It makes it easier for you to listen to your body and avoid comparison to others. I feel that when I first started Aerial, I was trying to prove something to myself by entering poses that were not comfortable for my body, just because the rest of the class was able to. I hope that if you do decide to try Aerial, or even just traditional yoga, you focus on yourself and what feels right for you~





Aerial poses that feel right for me

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