2018 NJ Global Mala

This past weekend, I was encompassed by positive energy. I attended my first Global Mala– And it was magical!


Although I originally decided to take part in the Mala as part of my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, it ended up being one of my most cherished classes. The room radiated abundant amounts of alacrity, love, and bliss. It was a gathering of free-spirited people who shared a common passion.

The Mala is comprised of 108 Sun Salutations. The number 108 is considered sacred in Hinduism and yoga, as Mala prayer garlands are typically comprised of 108 beads. However, the traditional practice was filled with many playful twists: mini-interviews during chair pose, partner poses, and fun transitions. One of my absolute favorite elements of the class was the singing and dancing at the beginning of class. A year or two ago, gathering close together and moving freely like that would have made me feel awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin. But now, being able to let my inhibitions free, even within a room of mostly strangers, invigorates me.

And I will not forget the laughs, so many laughs. It is not often that you truly beam ear-to-ear during most yoga classes. But how could I not? The Mala was a place of gathering and re-connection within my community. I even had the chance to bond with the woman who taught me very first yoga class.

I wish to attend another Global Mala again in the future. Such an unforgettable, enchanting experience with amazing teachers who inspired me to incorporate playfulness and fun into my practice as well~




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