Yoga with a Purpose

When I hear the word “community”, I envision a place where I am valued, inspired, and filled with ineffable joy. This place for me is belonging to the community of volunteers who are gifted with the opportunity to aid children with mental and physical disabilities.

I first joined this community in 2014, when I signed up to volunteer for a local organization called RallyCap that runs activities devoted to kids of all ages with handicaps. Through this organization, I participate in weekly yoga classes with the children where I assist them in demonstrating movements, balancing their bodies, and even meditating upon the direction of the lead instructor. The exultation I experience when seeing the children’s faces light up after being able to hold a difficult balance pose or when seeing the parents’ faces flush with delight is nothing short of rewarding. Although I interact with these children through other organizations and activities, doing yoga with them is one of my favorites as I believe the practice benefits them greatly. Yoga gives handicapped children an opportunity to improve physical fitness, cultivate a positive sense of self-esteem, and enhance the mind through a balance of concentration and relaxation.

During my tenure as a volunteer for RallyCap, I have met numerous passionate and caring people who have devoted copious amounts of time to being part of this volunteer community. Together, we all hope to instill confidence and self-esteem in each child that we interact with, teach them new skills, and overall help provide a great time. We try to make a difference in their lives, even in the smallest of ways. Being part of this community of volunteers has left an indelible mark in my life and inspires me to work with mentally and physically handicapped children in my own practice as a yoga teacher~



2 thoughts on “Yoga with a Purpose

  1. Beatifully said, Katie! That is truly the most wonderful feeling of guiding a child and helping them reach a certain milestone. God bless you on your journey!

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