Yoga Teacher Training II

After more than 5 years of practice and 200 hours of training, I’m officially a certified yoga teacher!!! Although I will never stop loving being a student, teaching classes is also a rewarding outlet that helps me delve deeper into my knowledge of the practice. To teach, is to create. Not only do yoga teachers create a sequence and provide instruction, but we create an experience for students. And in order to create an inspiring and meaningful experience for students, what we teach must come from an authentic place.

With that said, it took time and self-acceptance to understand this. As I mentioned in my previous post about yoga teacher training, teaching yoga did not come naturally. Even towards the end of my training, I would find myself mimicking other instructors while teaching, or worse, comparing my teaching skills to them. Thankfully, I found the perfect opportunity to combat these habits.

Recently, I secured a job teaching yoga to the girl’s lacrosse team at my school. Although I teach to many girls, they are all close in age to me and the majority are beginners at yoga, making for a very non-intimidating environment. After teaching several classes, my confidence in my teaching abilities has grown exponentially. I realized teaching is less about instruction and more about creating a connection with students. With each class I teach, I feel more at ease, natural, and yes, more authentic. In fact I’ve experienced how exciting and even refreshing teaching yoga can be.

Many people commend me on starting a venture like this so young, and I admittedly, I am very proud of myself for choosing to. Yoga blossomed into a passion of mine that has invited me to connect with people I have formed life-lasting relationships with. I cannot wait to continue my journey with teaching~



2 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training II

  1. I’m very proud of my granddaughter. I love her.

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